Reverting GM:Studio back to the old GM8 layout

Although GameMaker:Studio is a really nice piece of software, it looks rather unprofessional and depressing. The Good Old GameMaker 8(.1) layout was a lot better in my opinion – cleaner, simpler, brighter, more in the same style as other programs you would use along with it.

So, here’s a guide on making GameMaker:Studio look like GameMaker 8.1 again!

  • Open FilesPreferences, and go to General.
  • Change the skin: In the right column you’ll find a list of skins. Select “GM8″.
  • YoYoGames Logo: if unchecked, check the box “Do not show YoYoGames Logo on main form”.
  • Go to the tab Scripts and Code.
  • Bold Keywords: Check the box “Enable BOLD on script keywords”.
  • Download this file and remember it’s location. Click the import button and import the color settings.
  • Open the sprite editor and click EditTransparent Background Settings. Leave the radio buttons as they are, but change Color 1 to light gray (rgb 192,192,192), and Color 2 to white.

If there’s anything I missed, feel free to leave a comment below!

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