GameMaker Language syntax highlighting using GeSHi

If you look around on my site for a while you’ll notice I have some fancy syntax highlighting. This is done using GeSHi, short for Generic Syntax Highlighter. The cool thing about this highlighter is that it is compatible with pretty much any programming language (save those weird esotoric ones), since you can create your own ‘language files’.

The language files for popular languages are pretty good, but unfortunately the GameMaker version was created some 7 years ago, so it was outdated pretty badly. The colors it used to highlight were also a bit odd.

I created a new gml.php that is compatible with GameMaker:Studio 1.2.1264. You can find it here. To use it, replace the gml.php in the geshi source with this one.

The reason that I’m posting it seperately here is because from the looks of it, GeSHi is not really active anymore, with its last update 2 years ago. It’s still a pretty awesome syntax highlighter though, and with this script it’s GML-highlighting is also up-to-date!

By the way, I think I got all scripts, variables, constants and other stuff, but there are so many that I must’ve missed some. If you notice any missing, please leave a reply below, thanks.

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