City of the duce source code

The source code for my 3D RPG ‘City of the Duce’.


A screenshot of the game


City of the Duce is a 3D role playing game I made for the Creative Game Challenge 2010-2011. The game had to be finished by March 30th 2011, and although I wasn’t finished with the game itself, I submitted what I had.

That turned out to be a good choice: I won the GameDev Software Award, meaning that I used the Game Development Software(you were required to use GameMaker) to its full potential. Oh, and I got €700,-.

Without the deadline, development slowed down. I had a lot of other projects, and because I went to Canada for a year, I had a lot of schoolwork too. Because of this, and my growing annoyances with my coding from a year ago, I decided to cut as much planned features as possible, finishing the game as soon as possible(December 31st 2011 to be precise).

The result is interesting. Some parts of the game are extremely polished, some aren’t. Some parts are worked out very well, some parts aren’t. However, this source code should still be able to teach you a lot about advanced 3D and RPG programming and game design. Enjoy.

Legal stuff

All of the legal stuff in this paragraph applies to the source: the files contained within the .zip file you can download below. The game’s EULA is included in the game’s .zip. I really don’t want to write this, but I think I have to. I’ll write it as simple as possible, to avoid confusion.

  • The source code will always be mine. I am not giving you the source code: I am allowing you to take a look at it.
  • You are allowed to use parts of the game in your game, without asking me, as long as you give me proper credit.
  • You are not allowed to republish the game in any way, without contacting me. This include alterations. If you want to republish the game, for example by expanding the game or making a Macintosh-compatible version: contact me.
  • You are not allowed to redistribute this source code. The only legal way to obtain this source code, is through this page or the YYG Sandbox Download, linked below. If you want to show/give this source code to someone else, give them the link to this page.


Download the source code here.


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