Major website redesign!

If you are one of the millions of people following my site, you may have noticed a few sliiight changes to how it looks. I ditched the giant empty header, and switched to a sliiightly less depressing monochrome color scheme.


More importantly though, I switched to using WordPress for the entire site rather than just the blog. It was definitely time to switch to a CMS – to give you an idea, when I wrote my old website I had no idea how mod_rewrite worked, and had to create paths to new pages by hand (i.e. creating the whole folder structure), amongst other things.

WordPress is very customizable and it was quite easy to write a custom theme that allowed me to display sets of pages (tutorials, games, etc) on different pages in a custom format. All I have to do now is just write a page in the WYSIWYG-editor and file it under, say, ‘Tutorials’, add a custom field detailling what programming language it is about, and it’ll show up in the list.

I have added all my old games and software, and the majority of my tutorials. There are a handful left but those will get added later on. I didn’t add all the old blogposts as I felt they weren’t really interesting anyway. The exception to this is the blogpost about reskinning GM:Studio to GM8-looks, but that one is now filed under the tutorials.

Future plans

So let’s talk content. As I mentioned in an earlier, now deleted blogpost, there’s still a lot of tutorials (primarily about GameMaker) that haven’t made it to my website yet. I’m going to collect and add them, though that process might take a while.

In addition to that, I’m going to expand into other subject areas such as Javascript (for HTML5, mostly) and C#, as well as tutorials that are not language-specific, but rather present pseudocode or more theoretical knowledge. Game Design seems interesting as well.

I’m also going to try to write some blogs more often. This, admittedly, is an aspiration shared by many an amateur blogger, but hey, I’m different! Potential topics include Math, Game Design and Computer Science.

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